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Something Is Rotten in the State of Georgia

Did y'all guys know that Stacey Abrams' "opponent" (though Stacey doesn't think of him that way), Brian Kemp, is the current Secretary of State of Georgia?

And, did you know that the GA SoS (fun acronym for Secretary of State) oversees ALL elections, including the upcoming midterms in which Kemp is candidate for governor?

And, did you know that the voter registration website and app that is controlled by the SoS was down this weekend, on the busiest day of the week for registrations (Saturday)?

And, did you know that SoS Kemp has a along and detailed history of voter suppression?

Millennials for Abrams only knew half of this a week ago, and now that we do we're... pissed. Like, hornet on a hot day pissed.

If you're mad as hell (like we are), you can let our current governor know that you DO NOT think a candidate should be overseeing his or her own election.

We wrote a sample letter for you.

If you use it, just add your info to the top (address and email), and to the signature (name, location), then mail to the address on the letter:

Office of the Governor

206 Washington Street

111 State Capitol

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

You can also edit to your heart's content, this is just what we feel like saying:

Link to editable google document here. Or you can just open the word doc.

Happy Corruption-Free-Monday, y'all.

Google doc: https://docs.google.com/…/18iz8daGca6keBJJc5P3urRwcEs…/edit…