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I'm So Happy For You, Mr. Kemp.

Brian Kemp released a handful of fairly viscous "attack ads" this week, shedding light on a really important issue (but, in true Kemp-fashion, he seems not to have realized it).

In his ads, Kemp lets the world know how much debt Stacey Abrams has accrued in her life, and how much debt she is working to pay back to the IRS.

Kemp's point (the one he thinks he's making), is that Stacey is poor with handling her own finances. He posits: "If she can't stay out of personal debt, how will she keep Georgia out of debt?"

Ok, now his more interesting, if utterly unintentional, point:

In these ads, Kemp puts his well-manicured finger on the soul-button of this race: we - as a state - are tasked with choosing between a gubernatorial candidate with privilege, and one without.

I’m so glad that Brian Kemp hasn’t had to make any really scary, life-altering-no-matter-what-you-choose financial decisions.

I wish that were the case for all Americans.

Because it’s terrifying to have to choose between crippling debt and healthcare or education or a car.

...the thing is: I don’t know if having a governor with no experience making those kinds of decisions, and therefore no tangible empathy for the plight of the many millions of us who DO have to choose between debt and everything else, is the best thing for Georgia.

If I’ve learned anything in my blink-of-an-eye on this planet, it’s that most real knowledge and genuine kindness comes from the same place: experience.

We feel, or see, or suffer through, and then we can use what we learned going forward and better understand others whose experiences mirror our own. The easier our paths, the more challenging it is to really understand the world around us.

I don’t want another white, male governor; I don’t want another old money, southern gentleman; I want someone who has seen more, felt more, fought through more.

I want her.⬇